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Kimya teknik was established in 1965 as a Limited company. In 1990 it was converted to an A.Ş. In 1966 the first Sulphonation Plant and Spray Drying Tower was established at Rami, İstanbul,Turkey by Kimya Teknik. It was this facility which was used to produce the well known brands such as ‘Çiti’ and ‘Omo’ as a Private Label Producer for long years. During the years 1980 – 1999 all the Industrial Products  and some of the Home Care Products of Unilever have been produced at this facility of Kimya Teknik at Rami as a Private Label Operator.

Kimya Teknik has seen the growing potential of the Detergent Industry earlier than many corporations including the multinationals and has decided to install a Sulphonation Plant by Ballestra with 1.0 Ton per Hour capacity in 1972 and the plant was commissioned in 1973. Similarly, the company has decided to install a Sabiz 5000 Spray Drying Plant by Ballestra with 5.0 Ton per Hour capacity.The plant was commissioned in 1976 and was hired to Unilever on a long term basis. And Unilever continued to use this Kimya Teknik facilities till 31 December 2017.

So it would be appropriate to say that this was the facility that carried Unilever to today’s market leading position over the last 40 years and equally would be fair to say that it was Unilever who brought these facilities to today’s most technologically advanced and state of art capabilities.

Kimya Teknik has acted as the market leader in providing Sulphonic Acid for small and big sized detergent companies for long years. Quality and customer service at the highest possible level has been our unchanged priority and focus all throughout the last 42 years.And it is our intention to continue with this mission to our customers also utilising this biggest established capacity for the well being of the local economy in all aspects.


We think that our customers deserve the best. With this being our starting point we have been targeting to provide the best quality at all times and focus customer service rather than solely selling the highets volume.


Our vision is to keep our strong leaedrship positioning by further improving our capabilities backed with 53 years of production and sales experience in the detergent market.

>We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers for their continued trust and confidence over the last 53 years and would be more than happy to host our (prospect) customers at our renowed Gebze facilities.